What is Post-Judgment Interest? – Personal Injury Lawyers

What is Post-Judgment Interest? – Personal Injury Lawyers

Post-Judgment Interest Can be Used to Ensure You Get Your Compensation Sooner Rather Than Later

Our attorneys and staff are dedicated to obtaining the maximum compensation possible for our clients’ personal injuries, including prejudgment and post-judgment interest. If you’ve suffered personal injuries because of someone else’s negligent or reckless actions, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. To ensure that you are fully compensated you should retain an experienced personal injury attorney who knows how to apply and enforce post-judgment interest to a court’s award. Our attorneys have a successful track record of obtaining favorable judgments and enforcing post-judgment interest for our clients for over 20 years and may be able to put their unique combination of skill and expertise to work for you.personal injury law

Post-judgment Interest and Texas Personal Injury Cases>/h3>

A personal injury victim can assert a lawsuit against the parties that caused their injuries under Texas’s personal injury laws to recover compensation for those injuries and their associated medical expenses. Texas law also allows personal injury victims to attach post-judgment interest to their court award, which is intended to reimburse the injury victim for their lost ability to invest their judgment proceeds.

The Purpose of Post-judgment Interest in Texas Personal Injury Cases

Post-judgment interest is designed to encourage parties that are responsible for causing someone’s personal injuries to quickly pay the judgment asserted against them and to prevent them from making delayed judgment payments by asserting frivolous appeals or through indifference. Notably, post-judgment interest is applied to the entire judgment, including prejudgment interest, court costs, and the compensation awarded for the personal injury victim’s injuries.

Importantly, Texas courts have repeatedly stated that post-judgment interest is not intended to punish the party that caused a personal injury victim’s injuries; rather, post-judgment interest is intended to compensate the personal injury victim’s lost opportunity to invest and use their compensation after trial.

Calculating Post-judgment Interest in Texas Personal Injury Cases

Calculating post-judgment interests in an injury victim’s personal injury case is often a very difficult task. Before discussing how to calculate the post-judgment interest in your personal injury case, it’s important to note that the process can quickly become complicated and will likely benefit from the close scrutiny and analysis that can only be provided by an experienced personal injury attorney like ours.

When attaching post-judgment interest to your personal injury case, your attorney will apply the guidelines provided by the Texas Finance Code. Specifically, your attorney will apply the prime rate published by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, but they will adjust the prime rate to fit within the floor of 5% and ceiling of 15%. Your attorney will then apply the prime rate to your judgment, including prejudgment interest, court costs, and the compensation you’ve received for your injuries.

As you can see, calculating post-judgment interest in your personal injury case is an important and difficult process. Thankfully, our attorneys and staff are experienced in calculating and enforcing post-judgment interest against the party that caused your injuries. Our attorneys have made themselves available to provide a free consultation regarding your possible personal injury case any time, day or night. More here @ https://www.attorneys-sa.com/

Personal Injury Lawyers- Know Your Rights

You should be aware of your rights, particularly on the subject of personal injury claims, even if you prefer to just simply reach an amicable settlement with the offending party than go to court. If you ever experience an accident, you will realize how disturbing the accident can be if you are suffering from the negative effects of what happened. Even if you want to simply put the accident behind you, there are many factors you cannot just forget.personal injury law

The outcome of any injuries may be minimal or serious. You can forgive and forget or settle amicably quickly with the other party if you had suffered bruises and you believe that the pain will not significantly impact your daily life. However, you can never be sure what will occur once you find yourself in an accident. It is advisable to be armed for the fight ahead by the knowledge of what steps to take in case of an accident.

It is important to gain further knowledge about the subject. You can do this by conducting basic research. Look at books that discuss the subject. Browse through the pages before making your purchase to make sure you are getting a book written for people who are not very familiar with legalese. You can also check out websites that deal with personal injury claims. Personal blogs containing people’s experiences will be a lot of help. Also look up professionals’ websites that provide legal services and find out what you will experience once you have filed your injury claim.

If you lack the time to conduct basic research, here are some pointers that can help you when you find yourself in accident and have determined that you are eligible to file an injury claim.

1. Remember that if the accident is not your fault, you always have the option to file a compensation claim. Some people may just opt to put the accident behind them, especially if the injury is very minimal or the party is eager to settle immediately. If the injury is major and you think that it will cause more problems in the future, you have to do some serious thinking before you disregard the signs and before you decide to forget about the accident.

2. Photograph all angles of the accident. Use your cellphone camera to take pictures of all evidence that is visible at the scene of the accident. If you are unable to take pictures, ask another person to perform this task for you.

3. Take note of all details that will be asked of you when the investigation of your case starts. Write down the time, date, weather condition, location and circumstances of the accident.

Seek the services of a lawyer to help you build a strong case for your personal injury claim. Make sure to hire the right lawyer who will handle your case for you. Consultation fees with a lawyer are usually waived. Lawyers will be compensated after they have won the case.

Personal Injury Lawyers – Accident Injury Attorneys

Personal Injury Lawyer

We go about our work each day, rarely considering that our job can lead is down a perilous path in an instant. One of the most unpleasant and serious injuries one can have at the workplace is one that leads to an amputation. It is a frightening thought – and one we would rather not consider – but a distinct possibility, nonetheless, especially for those who work regularly with heavy equipment, materials, and machinery. When the unpredictably negligent behavior of another enters into the equation, even our own diligence cannot protect us from these horrible incidents. If you have been involved in a workplace accident that led to an amputation, make immediate contact with a personal injury lawyer for caring help. more here @ https://truckaccidentattorneysa.com/san-antonio-south-texas-car-accident-attorney/personal injury law - car accident attorneys
What can lead to an amputation? Generally, when there has been serious trauma to a limb, such as crushed bones, critically torn ligaments, or subsequent infection or healing issues, an amputation can end up being necessary to save the rest of your body from peril. It could happen for reasons such as a car accident, machinery malfunction to the gross negligence of another worker. Not only will the physical recovery be painful and expensive, but the psychological effect and permanent lifestyle change can be a nightmare.

Personal Injury Attorney

Your physical health and receiving immediate medical care are the most important considerations after a workplace accident. But you will also need outstanding legal counsel to help you with workers’ compensation claims and possible lawsuits against a third party. Our legal team can offer immediate and caring attention to your case and is dedicated to aggressive representation and intimate client care.

We understand the difficulty you are going through after an amputation. Contact a Personal Injury Attorney without delay for trusted legal guidance. Find good information on this website @ https://lawyers-pi.com/san-antonio-dog-bite-lawyer/