While highway speeds may be posted, the real speed a driver should be driving is the speed that’s safe for the road conditions. Going faster than road conditions allow, or faster than a vehicle can safely be operated, is reckless and negligent. High speeds along highways can be a significant contributing factor to 18-wheeler accidents with serious injuries. personal injury law - car accident attorneys

If you were injured in a truck crash, or a loved one was killed in a tractor-trailer accident, an experienced truck accident lawyer at our law firm can help.

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The 18-wheeler accident lawyers at our firm and our partner attorneys have pooled our extensive resources to ensure that every case we handle receives the attention it deserves. We have access to investigative experts, medical experts and life care planners who assist us in building an effective case for recovery. We have helped thousands of clients receive tens of millions of dollars in financial recovery.

Freeway accidents often result in the most serious injuries — injuries that can change the course of a life, such as:
Spinal cord injuries including paraplegia, tetraplegia and quadriplegia
Closed head injuries, brain damage, including traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
Loss of a limbs

Living with dignity and comfort after suffering a catastrophic injury is often very costly. In addition to immediate medical needs after the accident, the injured person may require home care assistance or nursing home care. These costs can run into hundreds of thousands. This is why it is so important to work with an experienced law firm dedicated to ensuring you achieve the recovery you need.

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Not all trucking accidents occur on freeways at high speeds. Many accidents occur every year involving commercial vehicles like delivery trucks, garbage trucks, tow trucks or utility trucks. Commercial vehicle accidents involving trucks can cause serious injuries even at low speeds because of their larger size.truck accident attorn eys
In commercial vehicle accidents, there may be multiple parties who can be held financially accountable — the truck driver, the trucking company, the company whose merchandise is being delivered, and possibly even a municipality. This is important when injuries have been catastrophic — like spinal cord injuries or head injuries. Medical expenses for such injuries can be hundreds of thousands of dollars, and medical needs can last for years.

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If you or a loved one was injured in a commercial vehicle accident, talk to the commercial vehicle accident lawyers at our firm. Call our office today. We have helped thousands of auto accident clients receive tens of millions of dollars in financial recovery.

Reckless driving, aggressive driving, driver fatigue, drunk driving — these are all possible driver-related causes of commercial vehicle accidents. Lawyers will also investigate whether the vehicle itself could have caused the accident. Maintenance problems or parts failures could be at fault. We work with skilled accident investigators to understand the factors that caused the accident.

Contact our delivery truck accident attorneys. You can be assured of our dedication to personal service. We never lose sight of the people who depend on us.

San Antonio Power Tool Injuries : Accident Attorney

Power Tool Injuries: Accident Attorney

Have you sustained unnecessary injuries while working with power tools in Texas? Let our firm offer its services and get you the settlement you deserve.

According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, more than 400,000 people suffer power tool injuries each year. Of those injured, more than 200 people a year are killed by power tools.

Power tools can be found on every construction site in San Antonio, Texas. Advances have been made in power tool technology, making power tools smaller, more powerful and readily available. The recent increase in the number of power tools used on construction sites throughout Texas has dramatically increased the number of people exposed to a potential injury involving a power tool. Injuries involving the use of power tools include burns, lacerations, puncture wounds, electrical shock, loss of sight, and potentially death.

Claim possibilities in power tool injury cases

Employees injured by power tools may have a claim against the manufacturer and/or supplier of the power tools. Under Texas law, manufacturers and suppliers owe a legal duty to only sell products fit for their intended use. You may have a claim if a power tool’s manufacturer failed to properly equip their power tools’ moving parts with safety guards. Additionally, claims may be brought against the manufacturer if the power tool injury resulted from a manufacturing defect or design defect.

Employees injured by power tools may also have a claim against their employer or general contractor. Employers have a duty to ensure that the workplace is safe from known and to use reasonable care to inspect for unknown hazards. Your employer owes a duty to ensure that you are properly trained and supervised. Furthermore, modifications to power tools made by the employer or at the employer’s direction can also result in serious injury. Don’t worry – our San Antonio law firm can help.

Many people injured while using power tools believe that they are solely responsible for their own injuries. However, they do not realize that often times the injury sustained could have been prevented had appropriate measures been taken by the manufacturer of the product or by their employer. Contact our firm and one of our San Antonio construction injury attorneys will meet with you to discuss your case. The attorneys here at our firm will aggressively pursue every party responsible for the injury you sustained while using power tools.

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